Why Isn’t Your Lawsuit Over Yet?

Cases Can Be Quickly Resolved, Why Aren’t They?

Most disputes can be resolved without going to court through proper and early evaluation of the dispute’s risks and strengths when the dispute is tried to a jury.  Attorneys carrying the moniker of trial lawyer often fail to provide to the client an analysis of strategy, an evaluation of the discovery status and trial readiness status or the dispute value.

What Throws A Case Off Track Into Mediocrity?

Oftentimes cases are lost in a morass of discovery, electronic or otherwise, because a firm has thrown a team of young lawyers and paralegals at the problem without any real analysis of what one must prove and how it will be proven at trial through admissible evidence.  Lawyers are slow to suggest the use of alternate dispute resolution methods to resolve the dispute in a logical and mutually beneficial business manner to avoid further litigation costs. In short, there is a drought of managing the clients’ expectations in favor of meeting the law firm’s financial goals.  

Can You Afford Mediocrity In The Courtroom?

This blog addresses bits and pieces of experience that address these matters.  In particular, the blog seeks to show clients and trial attorneys that troubleshooting cases that are languishing in mediocrity can result in faster and more effective resolution of results for the good of the client.


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